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Computer Scale & Technical Services


We are an ISO 17025 accredited company. All of our weights are state certified and traceable to NIST. Our test procedures follow guidelines setup for ISO17025 customers and are acceptable for ISO17025 certified companies. A copy of all certifications will be kept on file at our main office for 3 years and will be made assessable during any audit.

Computer and Scale Tech Services, Inc. was founded by Dennis Williams in January, 1998. Mr.Williams has been involved in the scale industry for approximately 30 years. He has worked both in the private industry and for the Department of Agriculture (Weights and Measures division). His goals have always been to provide the highest quality service and upkeep of scales in the most cost effective means available.

Other than Mr.Williams, Computer and Scale Tech Services, Inc. has in its employment five very knowledgeable scale technicians in Michael Hayhurst, Tim (Chris) Christensen, James Harrison, Robert Christensen, and Vladik Rastrigin. Mr.Hayhurst has been in the scale industry in excess of ten years. He specializes in the upkeep, calibration, and installation of all types of motor truck scales and has a Class A commercial license. Mr. Christensen also has a commercial license and specializes in smaller capacity scales, analytical balances, electronics, and customized computer scale packages, including batching controls and truck weigh in/out. Mr. Rastrigin specializes in hopper scales, floor scales and batching scales.

Nancy Guyton manages the financial end of Computer and Scale Tech Services, Inc. She has been in the scale industry for ten years and is also familiar with the many different scale applications and equipment available in today's market. James Venable manages our shipping/receiving, and inventory to assure that every effort is made to keep frequently used parts in stock, and to expedite the ordering of any specialized parts.

The main objective of our company is to send the most qualified individual to handle your specific scale needs. We have chosen to employ only highly qualified scale technicians. We have found that this will greatly reduce the amount of money that you will spend on a specific repair. We feel that our rates are very competitive, plus we spend less time on your site with fewer people, resulting in an overall lower bill. Every employee of Computer and Scale Tech services, Inc. will put the customer's concerns first and uphold the ethics and goals in which this company was founded.