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Computer Scale & Technical Services



Our service department is available 24 hours per day for emergency repairs. We are ISO 17025 certified lab and offer preventative maintenance and calibration services on all makes and models of scales. Our coverage area includes the states of Virginia, North Carolina, DC, Maryland, and the Eastern portions of West Virginia and Tennessee. Please call 904-266-9060 to setup a service agreement or to request a service visit.


Rent Floor Scales, Counting Scales, Bench Scales, Balances, Crane Scales, and Price Computing Scales. Please call our service department at 804-266-9060 to have a scale delivered to your location on a rental basis. 50% of all rental charges can be concerted to the purchase of the scale.

Service Agreement

Service agreements are offered on all types of scales. They include all truck, travel and labor charges so there will be no surprises when you receive your invoices. We require a minimum of one visit per year to establish a service agreement and they may be cancelled at anytime with a 30 day written notice. To set up a service agreement you may call 804-299-9060 or fax your request to 804-266-9044.